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We excel in translations in the domains of sales & marketing and advertising & PR – where texts need to rouse and inspire readers and stick in their mind.


If you want a text translated or perhaps even localized, we can do that for you, but often we take it a step further. We call it ‘focalization’.

For transferring technical, legal or other factual documents into another language, the best solution is a literal translation. The new text should follow the source as closely as possible, making sure that all the information and meaning is kept intact and is correctly reworded. This is what most translation agencies do.

Localization is translation with a twist. It’s about gearing the translation to a local audience, taking into account cultural differences, customs and preferences, for example. Ideally, a localized text looks and feels as if it were written in the local context. This is what many translation agencies claim they can do and what some are actually good at.

Focalization goes one step further. It’s localization with a twist. It’s about focusing the translation to a specific audience, refining and adjusting the text to capture the reader. Depending on the original and the target audience, a focalized text may range from being close to the original to a complete redraft. It requires advanced editorial skills, an independent, creative mind and – equally important – a discerning client. Though very much in demand, it is, as far as we know, a service to which no other agency lays claim, let alone provides. Perhaps that’s why you’ve come to us!

Focalization is particularly relevant for texts in the domains of business communications like sales & marketing, and advertising & PR. Texts that are intended to rouse and inspire people, and make them think. Or to bring a smile to their face.

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Textware is a member of ATA, the Dutch Association of Translation Agencies.