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One fool can ask more questions than seven wise men can answer. If you’ve ever submitted a tender, you’ll appreciate the truth of this proverb.


Quotations and tenders can be nerve-racking to produce. Yet they also offer great opportunities to build a compelling case, write a telling story and submit a winning offer.

To do so, stick to three basic rules:

  • Show the customer you understand his needs
  • Show the customer you want to help him
  • Show the customer you are able to help him

In other words, make your writing customer-centric, enthusiastic and convincing. And keep it simple and straightforward.

Simple as it sounds, it’s not always easy to accomplish. Especially if you’re not a professional writer. The good news is that we can help you with a comprehensive set of services:

  • Project planning
    Stress and lack of time often lead to spelling errors and inconsistencies going unnoticed. Strict editorial planning can help address this problem.
  • Structural design
    Clear writing means well-structured writing. A logical, intuitive structure facilitates writing and reading.
  • Writing, translating and editing
    Most sales people and engineers are not natural writers. We can lighten their load by (re)drafting or editing their contributions, whether they be boilerplates, cover letters, or technical collateral, etc.
  • Layout
    A balanced distribution of text, graphics and other illustrations will support your argument and promote readability. We can help you achieve this.
  • Template development
    You want your proposals to have a professional look and feel, and to comply with your corporate identity. We can help you develop proposal templates that enable you to format text, graphics and tables at the touch of a button, streamlining your proposals and your business process.
  • Language advice
    Having a hard time getting things down on paper? Feeling stressed and insecure when it comes to writing? Some simple advice can make a big difference and greatly enhance the readability of your proposals.
  • Language training
    Although writing is a specialist skill, everybody can learn to master it at an acceptable level. We can provide you with the tools and training to quickly improve the writing skills of your (pre-)sales staff, engineers and bid managers. It will greatly benefit the quality, readability and effectiveness of your proposals. We would be happy to arrange tailor-made workshops and training sessions for you.