Seeking to clinch the deal?
A case study can help you win.


You’re proud of your company. You’re providing smart solutions, perfect products and outstanding value for money. You know it and your customers know it. But what about those wavering prospects? Those could-be customers out there? A case study is a powerful tool to show them you’re capable of addressing their needs. And to convince them to hire you.

Case studies are a simple, cost-effective and above all credible way to demonstrate that you can turn promises into performance. A great way to show that you consistently succeed in delighting your customers with services, solutions or savings that make a substantial difference to their bottom line.

Case studies come in many forms and formats, from a telling one-line customer quote to detailed, comprehensive papers. And with today’s multimedia channels, their content may combine text and graphics as well as sound and vision. Whatever their size or form, they must always be honest and truthful and offer compelling solutions to real-life business issues and demands.

Needless to say, you know who you can turn to. Textware can help you get things right first time. But that’s only a promise. If you’d prefer proof, our customers would be only too pleased to tell you what we’re capable of. Call us or mail us, and we’ll arrange for you to contact them.